Thursday, August 26, 2010


Issue 10 of the wonderful 14 is out now, with beautiful drawings by Clare Johnson.

Each poem is of 14 lines, which makes reading a pleasure - the line-limit serves as a focus, so each poem has something to say. Further, one can compare what each poem achieves within that limit, and how - whether regular sonnet or blank verse. Differences jump out, such as the striking build-up of 'me' rhymes closing William Gilson's 'At the Dumpster.'

I enjoyed a lot of the work here, in particular 'Prelude to an affair' by Caroline Price, which ends:

they hear and see nothing, will not say
that the footbridge has been washed away

by storms, that the only way forward
is through the water.

I also enjoyed, Helen Jagger's 'Getting the milk,' though the laurel crown is taken by Katherine Gallagher's 'South Beach.'

Ideally, this magazine will reach its 14th issue and fold.

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