Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm reading with Chris James and Jane Weir at

The Compass, Islington N1 9PZ
Wednesday 8th February, 7pm

Thanks to Harry for the pictures.


Kathleen Jones said...

Just noticed that your reading has been moved at a few hours notice to The Green? Any idea what happened? I'm scheduled to read at the Compass in April and so a bit worried! No point in doing lots of publicity if the gig is pulled at the last moment.
Commiserations! Hope that the Green is good.

Matt said...

Hi Kathleen,

apparently the Compass changed hands and neglected to inform Templar - who organised the reading. So, when Alex McMillen called to confirm on the night before, he was told they had no record of it! Fiasco! Luckily, the pub company owns a second pub - The Green - and so offered that venue as a replacement, and it was a nice venue. So, yes, I would check beforehand! Let me know when you're reading :)