Monday, October 15, 2012

Frieze Arts Fair

Amidst all the glitter, I did find a few things to appreciate:

Daria Martin's film 'Soft Materials.' This was beautiful, on 16mm film which whirred through the projector making a lovely sound. The picture image was clearly defined but somehow dated, it was peaceful...

I also liked Hetain Patel's work - he tattooed comic strips and speech bubbles onto people's backs. This looked rather good, but better than that was a film he made with the screen divided into two. On the left his father explained how to strip a car, in the middle of a car-making plant; on the right, the artist (his son) copied every movement and repeated every word in perfect sync, even though he was in a completely empty room (a gym).

Apart from that, I liked older stuff or stuff I was familiar with: Cindy Sherman's photos, Julian Opie, Gillian Wearing's passport photos, Nan Goldin's photos, and that was about it.

Far better, in terms of atmosphere and content, was the new Arts Masters, at the other end of the park. Overall, though, a reminder that the art scene is perhaps even worse than the music scene. 

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