Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mark Eitzel, Bush Hall Tues 19th Feb

Tuesday evening down the icing-sugar finish of the definitely hall-like Bush Hall to see one of the men behind one of the best albums in recent times, American Music Club's Lovesongs for Patriots. I don't want to review it so much as say 'I was there.' One of the greatest performances I've seen, and one which makes me wonder just how many real performances I have seen. I'd take this over popping my Nick Cave cherry. In fact, I imagine it was like seeing Tom Waits, had Waits never made it beyond a cult following, and continued to play small venues for the love of it. When the band walk on stage and the drummer has his arm in a sling it says something that is only confirmed by Eitzel's flies being at half-mast the majority of the evening. And singing so commitedly in the first song, hand over his heart, eyes closed,  that one feared he had already peaked. Then the between song tales of AIDS-risk junkies and suicidal house-sitters curling up on the kerbside in the rain of whom Eitzel claims 'I know you're faking it.' Oh, and the deciphering of possible masterpiece 'The Patriot's Heart' as being about how everyone at the top 'basically wants you to suck their dick.'

For those new to him, check out Another Morning and Home which got me into him in the first place, and which I could listen to forever

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