Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Readings and Workshops

Readings 2013

13th December Poetry, Mincepies and Candlelight evening, the Wheatsheaf

 Jennifer Wong's photo. Photo

29th November Boxing the Compass London launch, Keats Memorial library with Beatrice Garland


2nd November Boxing the Compass launch, Derwent Poetry Festival, Matlock Bath

21st October New and Established Showcase, The Troubadour, Fiona Moore, Hannah Lowe, Angela France, Robert Peake, Hilda Sheehan, Alison Brackenbury, Kate White

10th October, BAKEA History and Literature Symposium, Gaziantep, Turkey on 'Liberty and Fidelity in Christopher Logue's War Music'

27th July Long Poem Magazine, Poetry Cafe

1st July Magma 56 launch

23rd May Betsey Trotwood, launch of Jennifer Wong's Goldfish


22nd November Launch of issue 14 of 14, Poetry Cafe

3rd October Essex Poetry Festival with Andrew Bailey

(Derek Adams pictures)

20th September Templar Poetry Live with Jennifer McGowan, at the Chequers in Chipping Norton

24th June Goldsmiths open day 
Proposal, Shoot, Small Change, The Stay

Sunday 10th June As Bread to My Flesh 6pm (photos here

27th May All the Fishes, reading / musical performance by Goldsmiths students
The Strongrooms, Shoreditch

Thursday 24th May (Bob Dylan's 71st birthday)  7.30pm £5 entry
The Captain's Tower, reading and musical performance,
The Promised Land, Cardiff

Sunday 13th May Swindon Festival of Literature (full programme here)  with Paul Maddern Nights, Shoot, Running, The Proposition, Small Change, The Stay, My Balconette, The Fluke, A Butcher's Girl

30th April Launch of 14 issue 13, The Poetry Cafe  (photos here) Paul Stephenson, Josh Ekroy, D.A. Prince and myself. The Ballad of Sue and Sweep, Running, The Proposition, Sonnet, Small Change, I have 'split mind' again

7th May Talking Rhythm, Amersham Arms Decisions, After Peter Blake, My Balconette, Semana Santa, The Fluke 
25th April On First Looking into Logue's Homer (seminar) Goldsmiths

8th February The Compass, Islington with Chris James and Jane Weir


14th March University of Central Lancashire Poetry and Place - reading and workshop Preston, Your Timing, Night Porter sequence, House of One, Praha 1, Mlada Boleslav, Should the People, Brest Litovsk, Clothes, Search Party, Handicap, Small Change + workshop

22nd March Speaky Spokey Brighton

2011 and before

20th November 2011 Bridport Arts Centre, The Captain's Tower

19th November 2011 Massive World, Deptford

11th November 2011 Poetry Cafe, South Bank Poetry launch

9th October 2011 Bikeshed Theatre, Exeter Poetry Festival The Captain's Tower

16th July 2011 Latitude Poetry Tent The Captain's Tower

1 December 2010, The Lamb, Bloombsbury with Carrie Etter and Claire Crowther Night Porter
Photos here

13th November 2010, Matlock Bath Derwent Poetry Festival Night Porter launch
Photos here

19th September 2008 For the Love of It The Fat Fowl Bradford on Avon (Epiphany, Ted Hughes)

23rd June 2008 The Troubadour, Earls Court Magma 41 launch 'Should the People'

25th May 08 Poetry Cafe, Bath 'Singled Out', 'Half a Manual', 'Should the People' Carrie Etter; Richard Lambert; Linda Saunders; Sue Boyle; Jimmy Lowther

Thanks to Alan Summers for photos (and photo titles)

27th April 2008 Fat Fowl, Bradford on Avon de facto launch 'Leaving', 'Lane Ends', 'Half a Manual' Helen Pizzey

September 2011 Creative and Life Writing Goldsmiths University
2009-2010 Poetry Workshop Mimi Khalvati, The Poetry School
September 2009 Totleigh Barton with Simon Armitage and Glyn Maxwell
July 2008 Michael Laskey and Joanna Cutts Smiths Knoll writers retreat, Suffolk
2006 Poetry workshop, Tim Liardet Poetry School
May 2003 Arvon Foundation with Simon Armitage and Christopher Reid
2002 Creative Writing MA module with Pat Borthwick

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