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Matt is a poet and teacher living in Camberwell.

His first collection Boxing the Compass appeared in 2013 from Templar. 

In 2010, his pamphlet Night Porter, which documents life in a Yorkshire hotel, was a winner of the Templar Poetry Pamphlet and Collection competition

With Ingrid Fan he translated The Desire to Sing after Sunset by Taiwanese poet Ami.

Besides writing, he teaches English as a second language which has taken him to Tuscany, The Czech Republic and Poland, and runs Creative Writing courses.

 He has won two Arts Council grants.

He has an MA in Creative and Life Writing from Goldsmiths University.


NOTE see for publications after 2013


Boxing the Compass, Templar (first collection, 2013)

The Desire to Sleep after Sunset, Seesaw (translation of Taiwanese poet Ami Hsu, with Ingrid Fan, 2013)

Riptide, Dirtpie Press (childhood anthology – 'Fable' and 'Bete Jaune' were also incorporated in a performance at the Cygnet Theatre, Exeter in February 2013)

The Camden/Lumen anthology 2013 ('House of One')

Magma 56 ('ab'), Goldfish ('Furniture Game', 'Sonnet'), Fuselit ('The Fuss'), Modern Poetry in Translation (4 poems), Blue Max Review ('The Stay'), The Interpreter’s House ('Wide Open Spaces'), Tears in the Fence (The Man Skilled in the Art', 'The Exchange')


Warwick Review (Mlada Boleslav), 14 (I have 'split mind' again, Mothering), South Bank Poetry (The Atheist in the Aquarium) The Captain's Tower - anthology (Two Stories), Open Notebooks (One Pane), Magma (The Gasp), Tears in the Fence (The Man Skilled in the Art, The Exchange), Timbuktu (Decisions), Smiths Knoll (Like A Native), Kerouac pamphlet (Just Talk), Goldfish (One Pane, The Proposition, Rabbits), ShopCurious? (Lambing, Collecting, Spadework, Festivity, In the Field of Les Feux d'Artifices) Smiths Knoll (Like A Native) Cake (Is)

Long Poem Magazine (Logue's Long Players - article on Christopher Logue)
Also, the Interactive Poetry Map contains around 100 poems


nth position (The Reading, No Distance, Triptych), Peony Moon (George, Should the People, If People Think, The Night Sky, Over There, Handicap), Assent (Induction Day Malton Bacon Factory, This Morning's Walk Through Trees), Pen Pusher (The Party, In Memoriam), 14 (Over There, Soo, Sweep), Smiths Knoll (The Example), Great Works (All Talk, Nine Weeks, Portents, He Can Talk His Way Through Life), Cake (Miso, Completion), Orbis (The Leave-taking), James Kirkup competition (Handicap, runner up), Poetry Wales (Djangology ), The Frogmore Papers (Lambing), Rising (Drawn to the Pane)


Stand (Twins, Praha 1), New Welsh Review (Rooms, Swing, Roundabout), Obsessed with Pipework (Inheritance), Under the Radar (Metastasis), Magma (Fable), finalist in International Aesthetica Creative Works Competition (Should the People) photo here, Miso and In Passing were read by Carrie Etter on GLT's poetry radio. Unpublished pamphlet The Turn highly commended in 2009's Poetry Wales Purple Moose pamphlet competition, judged by Zoe Skoulding and Patrick McGuinness. Shortlisted for the Crashaw Prize


Assent (Induction Day Malton Bacon Factory, This Morning's Walk Through Trees), Warwick Review (The Night Sky), Smiths Knoll (The Omelette), Shadowtrain (Summer School, The Smile, Pulling Together), Magma (Should the People But Come Above Ground), nth position (Knack), de facto (Lane Ends, Leaving, Handicap (republished)), The Frogmore Papers (Group Portrait), The Reader (Cold Remedy, In Tearful Weather), Obsessed with Pipework (Inheritance) Orange Coast Review (House of One, Over There)


Aesthetica 2 (Safe House, In Safe Hands, Lifeboat House) 3 (Vegetable Garden with Donkey, Joan Miro, Self Portrait) 13 (Pioneers) 18 (Half-Term), Clitheroe Writing Group Anthology, ed. David Borrott (Railyard), FIRE 25 (Lifeboat House, delamare, Breath, High Dive) # (Sodden Ground, Reassurance, Railyard), The Interpreter's House 32/33 (Dream), New Welsh Review 73 (Handicap), 80 (Exam Conditions, The Accident) Obsessed with Pipework 34 (Air, Traditional), Orange Coast Review 2007 (If People Think), Orbis 121 (Pretty Much It), Poems for a Better Future Oxfam Anthology, ed. Todd Swift (For a Better Future) Seam 28 (Half Moon, George) Smiths Knoll 37 (Watering), 38 (If People Think), 42 (The Lengths). Awarded Arts Council South West grant to write Night Porter in 1996.


Associate editor of Orbis poetry journal Spring 2002 to Winter 2003 (121-127).

Articles / Reviews / Interviews
PN Review 143 Jan/Feb 2002 Stonepicker, Frieda Hughes
PN Review 145 May/June 2002 War Music, Christopher Logue Beowulf: A Verse Translation, Michael Alexander
PN Review 148 Nov/Dec 2002 The Bare Abundance, G.F. Dutton

Orbis 121 – 127 Poetry Index (reviews of poetry journals)
Orbis 123 Autumn 2002 Mr and Mrs Scotland are Dead, Kathleen Jamie
Orbis 126 Summer 2003 ‘The Collar,’ George Herbert
Orbis 127 Winter 2003 Selected Poems, Michael Harper, A Quick Word with a Rock ‘n’ Roll Late Starter, Craig Smith

Orbis 128 Spring 2004 Interview with Henry Shukman

Stride Jan 2002 ‘I Wish I Had a Sylvia Plath’, Ryan Adams
Stride Feb 2002 A New American Language, Dan Bern, Mobilise, Grant Lee Phillips
Stride March 2002 Science Falls Like Snow (article)
Stride June 2002 Down the Highway, Howard Sounes
Stride Aug 2002 Jane’s Addiction Live, London Forum
Stride Feb 2003   The Invasion Handbook, Tom Paulin, The Rising, Bruce Springsteen
Stride April 2003 Feminine Gospels, Carol Ann Duffy, Portrait of My Lover as a Horse, Selima Hill
Stride Nov 2004 Performing Artist 3, Paul Williams

Tangents Feb 2002 The Isis Anthology, Derek Barker
Tangents Sept 2002 Insomnia, Christopher Nolan
Tangents Oct 2002 On the Road with Bob Dylan, Larry Sloman, Panda! Pander! Panzer! Mark E Smith
Tangents Dec 2002 The Little Friend, Donna Tartt
Tangents May 2003 Fever To Tell, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Turn on the Bright Lights, Interpol, 3 Track ep, The Storm Tapes
Tangents Nov 2004 Interim, The Fall

Poettext 27 Jan 2000 Seamus Heaney, York University
Poettext 17 May 2001 Paul Muldoon, York Assembly Rooms
Poettext 17 Jan 2002 Kathleen Jamie, City Screen, York, Last Arm Pointing, Ted Slade

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